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A (Q) Rating - Not an Endorsement

"I used to be a Democrat, but I've identified as a Libertarian for over 20 years. I just want the government off my back, and I believe Jon is the best choice for liberty-minded voters in the 29th."

"This seat will stay Republican, but the key is electing the right Republican. Because when push comes to shove in Madison, and the deals are made behind closed doors, and you can't afford to lose one vote, you cannot send a squish from this seat down to Madison, and that is not what Jon is. So, I'm asking you to please send Jon to Madison, please send me someone I can work with. Support someone who is going to put in the time and effort, and has the energy to do the job in Madison."

87th Assembly Representative James W. Edming

"I've known Jon since he was a kid. He was raised by a great family and has worked hard in everything he's done. He's coming into this race as an outsider like me, a common sense businessman with a respectable goal of improving the lives of his friends and neighborsw. Jon's experience in business is fantastic, but what really stands out to me is how he connects with people. He wants to meet everyone and truly get to know them, and I can tell you that there aren't a lot of people in MAdison like that. He would serve the people of the 29th Senate District well, and I'm proud to support him."

Former 87th Assembly Representative Robert J. Larson

"I knew Jon's grandpa well; he was a great businessman and supporter of mine while I was in office. Jon shares the same passion and integrity that his grandpa had, and it will serve him well in Madison."

Former 87th Assembly Representative Marty Reynolds

Former 75th Assembly Representative Romaine Quinn

Local Elected Official Endorsements:

Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Wallace
Rusk County Clerk Connie Meyer
Rusk County Register of Deeds Mary Berg
Former Ladysmith Mayor Alan Christianson Jr.
Former Ladysmith Mayor Kalvin Vacho
Ladysmith Councilman Alan Christianson Sr.
Former Rusk County Board Supervisor Cliff Taylor

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